Mother of Chinese Queen of the Rosary Queen of Peace Mother of Grace Mother Most Pure Queen of the Angels Mother Most Admirable Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Mother Most Virgin Mother of Christ


The Legion of Mary is a fighting army led by the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The enemies being fought by this army are the dark, evil and sinful forces of this world; and the kingdom being fought for is the heavenly kingdom of Christ on earth.

The Legion of Mary is one of the very active organisations in HRC, it currently comprises eight senior Praesidia and two junior Praesidia, namely Mother of Chinese, Queen of the Rosary, Queen of Peace, Mother of Grace, Mother Most Pure, Queen of the Angels, Mother Most Admirable, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Mother Most Virgin and Mother of Christ. Mother of Chinese Presidium was founded on 4th of April, 1954, thus has the longest history in HRC.

The aims of Legion of Mary are to train members to follow the virtues of Mother Mary in order to develop and strengthen their spiritual life; to let others know about Mother Mary, and to perform evangelical works.

The active works of the Legionaries include visiting the sick in hospitals, home visits, teaching catechecism in Sunday School and RCIA, pray for newly departed, etc. The annual functions are the Acies, outdoor function, retreat and annual general reunion.

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